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For Libraries and Schools

The ABLE Library works with public and school libraries to make sure that Vermonters across the state have access to library services. We value our partnerships with libraries and are always looking for new ways to work together.


Interlibrary Loan

Patrons and library staff can request large print books through ILL on CLOVER. We are working on making the Accessible Youth Collection available through ILL as well. Please contact us if you have questions about getting our books through ILL.


Deposit Collections

We have deposit collections that we can send to public libraries. Large print books and books in the Accessible Youth Collection can be included. You can choose genres or specific titles to add to your deposit collection. The books are temporarily added to a local library catalog. This can enhance your collections without creating any new costs for you. When your library is ready for new books, just send them back, and we will send you new books! Books check out for three months and are shipped through the U.S. Postal Service in self-contained boxes as “Free Matter for the Blind.”

Contact the ABLE Library to sign up for this service. We will walk you through each step of this simple process.



School libraries can also hold deposit collections. We can help provide library books to eligible students. As a rule, we will send one playback machine for every four eligible students at the school. Students in public or private schools must be certified for the service on an individual basis. They must be the direct and only recipients of the materials and equipment.

Please note: When a school orders books from the ABLE Library, they are checked out to the school, not the students. We suggest books lent to the school should not be taken home by students. Each student can have equipment at home through their individual account. If students use the BARD mobile app on a school tablet, they should use the school’s BARD account, not their own. If students use their own tablets, they should use their own BARD account.



We are happy to give presentations to library and school staff about our services. We also have brochures we can send out. Please contact us if you would like to talk more about ABLE Library outreach possibilities.


Inclusive Programming

For libraries that want to provide more inclusive programming to their community, we suggest the following resources:



Libraries across the state often send us patron referrals. We are grateful to library staff for spreading the word! You may know patrons who might benefit from our services. You can also sign applications for patrons and help get them connected with ABLE Library staff. ABLE Library patrons can remain patrons of their local public library. We can supplement library services or be the sole provider of library services – patrons can decide what service model works best for them.