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Inclusive Arts Vermont: Masked

A square graphic. At top, a photo collage of six photos, an abstract painting, a city scene, a collage of a forest and faces, a psychedelic painting of a face, a photo of a sky and tree, a mixed media piece of a face. Below, in bold orange, it says "Masked," and includes details about the exhibit.

MASKED shows visual art work by 22 Vermont artists with disabilities. Each piece offers the artist's creative expression of the title - which came about early in the pandemic. The works are as complex and layered as the meaning of the word "masked" itself. The artists explore protection, disguise, veiling, all that is hidden, and what lies beneath.

This event will have ASL, an audio tour, assistive listening, large print and braille resources, as well as tactile depictions of some of the works. Go to the Inclusive Arts website to learn more.