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Summer Reading

The ABLE Library is pleased to offer a summer reading program this year to all of our patrons. There are several ways to participate in our summer reading program. You can read a book and leave a short review (just a couple of sentences). You can attend a virtual program presented by NLS. You can also play Summer Reading BINGO to earn a certificate of participation from NLS.


Download a Summer Reading BINGO card and complete to earn a certificate from NLS (or call the library, and we can send you a card):

Book Review

Leave a book review.


Online Activities

Virtual Tour of the Jefferson Building at the Library of Congress
The Thomas Jefferson Building is the oldest and grandest of the three buildings that make up the Library of Congress campus on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. You can discover artwork and architecture that connect to knowledge and creativity past and present through the talking book presented here, which provides a described audio tour of this important building. If you are an NLS patron with BARD, you can download this talking book, "Audio described tour of the Thomas Jefferson Building at the Library of Congress (DB121189)" or you can request it from the ABLE Library.

Whispering Library Escape Room
These puzzles range from very simple to quite challenging, making it something the whole family can do together! Enjoy this online event before August 9

Choose Your Reading Adventure
For school-age children and young adults. It's the last day of school! You and your friends suddenly hear a strange noise that sounds like it is coming from the library. Enjoy this online event before August 9.

For adults. When you approach the front desk at your library, there is a large handmade sign that says, "See you in September!" All the librarians left for the summer! Then why is the door open? Enjoy this online event before August 9.

Book Recommendations

Additional Summer Reading Resources